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“Great opportunity to learn that you can really use for work or as an individual investor.”

Kim Lance Quialquial
Risk Compliance Manager

I love that sir Jonathan added a bonus topic which is Elliot Wave

Louiemar Costillas Francisco
Sales Account Executive

My interest for Trading grew more with this CTA Program and hope to pass the exam soon. This program suits very well to those who want to expand their knowledge with the Financial Markets

Maria Fatima S. Braceros
Admin and Finance Officer

Topics and discussions are not the run-of-the-mill kind that are typical in DIY stock market research and social media-based trading groups. The coverages are also not the conventional types, but are specialized to equip and make the learner ready for a profession in technical analysis. That the discussions and lectures are given by a widely-experienced and very respected market practitioner, who gives his own insights based on his years of on-hand market experience, ties the lessons, learnings and discussions all together for a better understanding of the concepts and their real-world application.

Carlos Dimacuha

The speaker was really good and I learned a lot ! Wish the webinar was more interactive. It was only interactive during the last session. I was not able to bond with my classmates since we did not do more trade dissections. Practical examples made by students should have been included.

Seth Renmar M. Garcia
Technical Analyst

Additional knowledge gained through the interactive sessions with the lecturer.

Merlene G. De Los Santos

Although the course does not teach you to start a technical analysis, the course is comprehensive enough to get a broad scope of what technical analysis is all about. I recommend this course to anybody who wants to see the whole picture first before learning things part by part. Super good value for money, the instructor is not only knowledgeable on the subject matter but most importantly, is a practitioner in the field.

Alileen de Leon
Program Attendee

This lecture is very helpful for those who want to become professionals in capital markets.

Thomas Gubaton
Equity research analyst

Insightful and provides enough knowledge.

Shane Paolo Macarubbo
Program Attendee

Very interesting session thank you.

Ana Christina Dungan