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Upgrade Your Profession.
Become a Certified Technical Analyst®

Certified Technical Analyst (CTA®) Program equips the candidates with the skills and knowledge required to guide sophisticated clients through their financial life cycle of Wealth Accumulation, Preservation and Distribution.

The program enables the participants to identify and analyze the challenges faced by Technical Analysts. Develop strategies to overcome these market challenges and more specifically design trading strategies according to the goals and objectives of the client.

Learning Objectives

By attending this program, you will have:

  • A better understanding of capital markets, the benefits and risks of various investment products
  • Skills to perform chart and statistical analysis to identify trading opportunities
  • Fundamental analytical tools such as financial ratios and the dividend discount model
  • Knowledge of cycle and Intermarket analysis
  • An understanding of the various types of financial instruments and their benefits and risks
  • An understanding of how to formulate a trading plan

Program Outline

Module 1

  • Main Objective of Technical Analysis
  • Forecasting Price and Market Action
  • Basic Assumptions of Technical Analysis 30

Module 2: Dynamics of Charting

  • Chart Pattern Interpretation of Market Phase
  • Volume Interpretation of Market Phase
  • Moving Average Interpretation of Market Phase

Module 3: Trend Analysis

  • Definitions of Trend
  • Quality of Trend
  • Trend Participation

Module 4: Bar Chart Analysis

  • Price Bar Pattern Characteristics
  • Popular bar Reversal Patterns
  • Breakout Patterns

Module 5: Window Oscillators Analysis

  • Defining Indicators and Oscillators
  • How to Analyze an Oscillators
  • Cycle Period, Multiple

Module 6: Fibonacci Number and Ratio Analysis

  • The Fibonacci Number Series
  • Fibonacci Ratios
  • Fibonacci Retracements, Extensions, Projections, and Expansions

Module 7: Moving Averages

  • Different kinds of Moving Averages
  • Applications of Moving Averages

Module 8: Investor Psychology

  • General Behavioral Aspects
  • Behavioral Aspects of Chart Patterns
  • Behavioral Aspects of Market Trends

What they say about CTA Program?

"This lecture is very helpful for those who want to become professionals in capital markets."

Thomas Gubaton
Equity research analyst

"My interest for Trading grew more with this CTA Program and hope to pass the exam soon. This program suits very well to those who want to expand their knowledge with the Financial Markets"

Maria Fatima S. Braceros
Admin and Finance Officer

"Topics and discussions are not the run-of-the-mill kind that are typical in DIY stock market research and social media-based trading groups. The coverages are also not the conventional types, but are specialized to equip and make the learner ready for a profession in technical analysis. That the discussions and lectures are given by a widely-experienced and very respected market practitioner, who gives his own insights based on his years of on-hand market experience, ties the lessons, learnings and discussions all together for a better understanding of the concepts and their real-world application."

Carlos Dimacuha

"I gained additional knowledge through the interactive sessions with the lecturer."

Merlene G. De Los Santos

"Although the course does not teach you to start a technical analysis, the course is comprehensive enough to get a broad scope of what technical analysis is all about. I recommend this course to anybody who wants to see the whole picture first before learning things part by part. Super good value for money, the instructor is not only knowledgeable on the subject matter but most importantly, is a practitioner in the field."

Alileen de Leon
Certified Technical Analyst